Friday, November 23, 2012

A quick tour

I've put a few before pictures so you can get a sense of the house. The next several posts will give a full tour with photos. See more photos after the jump!
The living room!

The stairs- view from the upstairs landing looking over the switchback

Dining room looking into the Breakfast nook

now dubbed the 2nd bedroom this is the bedroom that sits over the back half of the living room and share the chimney wall- hence the odd jutting out of the wall. 

2nd bedroom looking towards the front of the house. the door off the the right leads to the hallway and that half doorway leads into the weird bedroom in the middle of the house. 

Now dubbed the 3rd bedroom this is looking out into the hallway. if you were to go out into the hallway and turn right you would be in the 2nd bedroom. 

Sorry for the crazy pictures. Those that have furniture in them were taken from the real estate listing- the rest were taken by me as we started the demo process.

To follow: A full tour of the house with more before photos!

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