Saturday, December 15, 2012

New stairs & kitchen cabinets

Onto some fun stuff! 

First up the gorgeous new stairs! This was one of the few things we hired out for-stairs are complicated and it would have taken us much longer than the 2 days it took the hired crew to complete them. 

The new stairs with no switch back.


Hey there! Sorry about the long delay between posts. Between catching a horrible cold and the bf's finals there has not been much progress made. You will also have a to wait a bit longer for the new floor plans to be put up- I am having trouble getting my scanner to connect with this computer. All in all lots of apologies all around.

Lets move onward.

So if you havent picked up on it by now I am writing in the past tense- I did not get the idea to write a blog  about our experiences until about 5 months into the project. So I am playing a bit of catch up trying to get the blog caught up to our current state.

After the closing went through we tackled 3 areas at once. The stairs, the utility bathroom, & kitchen. First thing first was DEMOLITION. The boys tore out everything themselves- all the flooring, walls and fixtures in the bathroom, the stairs and all cabinets & counters in the kitchen. Nothing was working in the orignal layout so we had already decided to start completely from scratch.

One of our friends standing in what used to be the stairs. The doorway directly behind him
leads to the utility hallway & bathroom. The doorway on the left leads into the kitchen.
The plan for the new stairs is to straighten them to remove the overhang in the kitchen
were the switchback was. 

No more cabinets! You can see in the top right corner the start of the original switchback for the stairs. There is still
drywall and the vinyl flooring in this photo but that was all removed before we put in new cabinets and fixtures. 

Next post: cabinets & the NEW stairs