Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dining room, living room & stairs

I am grouping the last 2 rooms and the stairs together to finish out the ground floor.
Far end of the living room with fireplace and bookshelves.
The wall to the right is an exterior wall and looks out onto
the porte-cochere. The wall to the left is the dividing wall
along the house and separates the living room from the stairs,
dining room and kitchen

Front corner of the living room. To the right is the front door
and to the left is the side door from the port-cochere. 

The stairs-first set before the turn

Stairs from the top floor looking at the switchback

Dining room looking to the front of the house.
The kitchen is behind and to the right,
the living room behind and to the left. 
 And there we have it- the ground floor as it was before we started cutting holes in the floor, tearing out walls and rebuilding!

Next post: Onto the upstairs

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