Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Utility Hallway & Closet

More before photos!

My boyfriends mother had taken a ton of before pictures and is letting me use them on the blog!

So now we can go more in depth on what the house looked like before we started tearing down walls.

OK here we go! I am going to start at the back of the first floor and move toward the front of the house.

The Utility Hallway & Bathroom:
So this bathroom is an addition to the original house- its great that it puts a bathroom on the first floor but it is only accessible now by nearly crouching and walking under the stairs. After we straighten the stairs we will have a normal size doorway off the kitchen to enter this hallway/bathroom area.
Looking straight into the bathroom from the utility hallway

View to the right
view all the way right past the door

So the previous owners were elderly and handicap which is why we believe they added a full bathroom downstairs rather than just a half bath. We however do not need a full bath downstairs since we will have two upstairs so we are taking the tub out, keeping the shower and toilet, and adding in a washer and dryer. This means a lot of demo work to tear out all the existing fixtures, walls and floor and building it back. This is also to be our "practice" room as we all learn how to lay floorboard, tile and grout and since its the utility room its okay if its not totally perfect.

utility hallway closet. bathroom is
slightly behind to the right and the kitchen
is off to the left 

view looking from the kitchen under the stairs.
the utility hallway is just off to the left 

Check back later today for a full view of the kitchen! 

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