Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Kitchen Before

Onto the KITCHEN

This area is going to receive the most changes. As it was the actual working kitchen space was cramped-just enough space for one person to move around from sink to stove and there wasn't really a space for a refrigerator.  See for yourselves. 

the back wall of the kitchen.
the nook to the utility hallways is off to the right 

The right wall of the kitchen.
You can see the incline of the stairs across the doorway that
leads to the utility room on the left 

So this doorway leads to the stairs which are right around
the corner to the left through the doorway. Notice
how far the counter sticks out into the doorway-
you had to shimmy your way through. 
This is the view from that doorway looking into the kitchen. 

Left wall of the kitchen. This wall has the gas line so the stove will
be along this wall. 

Still the left wall of the kitchen but we are now in the "breakfast nook".
To the left is the kitchen and to the right is the dining room.

Opposite wall of the "breakfast nook" with built in cabinets. 

And thats the kitchen. We really want to open this whole space up and create a nice flow between the back utility area, kitchen and dining room. As soon as I can get the new floor plans scanned I'll post them so you can see our solutions for this space.

Next post is onto the living room, dining room & stairs!

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