Friday, November 23, 2012

Floor Plans

First Floor

Second Floor

Floor Plans!  

So this is how the house was originally laid out. The big change for the first floor was removing the switch back in the stairs by straightening them out into the dining room and eliminating the overhang in the kitchen. The breakfast nook and stair landing/closet area has been absorbed by the kitchen which started as a tiny box. The back bathroom and hallway will structurally stay the same- the layout of the bathroom will be reworked and a under the stairs pantry added.  

The second story is all sorts of strange. You could only directly access 2 of the bedrooms, the other two are only accessible by entering another room and the second bathroom is only accessible by walking through 3 rooms. Needless to say this is all getting reworked. The plan is to create 3 bedrooms including a master suite with a bathroom, walk-in closet, bedroom and study. 

I will put up pictures of the insides soon followed by the NEW floor plans!  

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