Tuesday, January 8, 2013

fun times in the bathroom

Not as glamorous as the kitchen but just as necessary was the utility bathroom overhaul.

You can look here to see the before photos. With the floor rotting out from underneath the toilet- putting in a new floor was top priority. Once the old floor as torn out and plywood used to reinforce the floor we also built the framing for the new stand up shower and redid the door frame. Because this room is in the back of the house and has more need to be functional than to be pretty this makes it the perfect spot to do our first tiling work and learn as we go.

Here are some process photos:

Putting in cement board. This is looking towards what will be the walk in
shower and toilet. The large square area is the shower and the small
rectangle area will be where the toilet goes. 

Looking into the bathroom from the doorway. The shower is off to the
left. To the right will eventually house the washer and dryer and the sink
will be straight ahead.
This is the shower tile-all white subway tile with an accent
strip of glass & quartz tile 
I do apologize for not having floor plans of the new layout for you. I cant seem to find them and by now by I am sure they are packed up in a box somewhere. At some point I will get some up here, it may be a little while though.  

Next up: The shower!  

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