Thursday, January 10, 2013

So while some of us were working on the downstairs shower-others were doing demolition work upstairs in preparation of framing out the new layout. Clearing out 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms worth of broken fixtures and bad paneling generates an enormous amount of trash, so what do we do? Rent a huge dumpster of course! I wasn't here for this day but from what the BF tells me it was a full day of tossing wood out of the second floor window into the dumpster- one of the few times it is okay to toss heavy items out of the second floor window.

Here is the dumpster full of junk


Now some people may be wondering- hey its an old house isn't some of that "junk" really great vintage finds? Well what you have to remember is that this house has not been lived in by able people for at least 15 years and its been vacant for the last 5 years so there was a lot of neglect to the house. Most of the damage was in the form of animal damage and water damage. So though it is sad to see some of the pieces go we are doing better for the house by taking it out. 

Next up: Kitchen COUNTERTOPS! 

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