Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shower time

Alright so the shower was a huge learning curve for all of us. Also it turns out that once you do tiling yourself you can not but help look at the tiling job EVERYWHERE you go. We all compare notes about locations that have horrible tiling jobs and now we understand a little of why it was done so poorly. Its not that the work is incredible hard- more that it is tedious and requires you to be consistently precise while doing the tedious work. Nevertheless-with about 6 different people working on this tiling we got it done and it looks pretty decent. I'll leave it to you to be the real judge since I know where all the mistakes are. All that is left for the shower is to caulk the edges.

So at this point only the wall have been grouted which
is why the floor looks dirty-cause it is but it
wont stay that way. 

Next up- demo work and cleaning out the scraps from upstairs

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